NEW multisensory Dinner Experience!

Premiere 27 Sept 2019


Music & Food

We make food taste better, by creating music and sound that enhance the flavour.

Experience Design

Interactive media-art installations for showroom, museums, trade shows and art galleries.

Media Production

Production of media music, sound libraries, video and moving images.

This is what we do!

Music & Food

Music that makes food taste better!

We are the leading and award-winning agency in Sweden on music and food matching. We know what music will enhance the taste of food and drinks for your event. We know how to get the guests to stay longer in your restauarant. We know how to use music and food to communicate your commercial message. – And we love to talk about it!

Experience Design

Interactive Art Installations!

We create interactive art installations for events, showrooms, amusement parks, museums, art galleries, exhibitions, trade shows and public spaces. Communication with tactile and inspiring art-installations, engage the audience and creates a strong platform for your message to really cut through.

Media Production

Music | Photo | Film

The handcraft of media production is our soul and heritage and what we do best! As award-winning composers, we compose and record Music for film, media and communication. Photography is our passion and we have a strong vision to bring out what’s important and how to look at things from an unexpected view. We have been producing numerous of Film‘s for concert halls, symphony orchestras, solists and other stage performance, for social media and commercial use.

This is who we are!

Iréne Moneeo

Creative Director

Sound innovator and sound artist with a passion for photography. Photographer of the book Krydda med Musik that received the title Best in the World in the category Innovative at the Gourmand Awards in Yantai, China. Designs large scale dinner experiences and brings all the pieces together for a unique dinner only there and then. Music and food in perfect sync. Combines and composes soundscapes with light and vision to bring something special for installations or just to be moved from one place to another with a sound experience. Has developed a own style of sound print for companys and clients that want to be noticed and make awareness of who they are and how they sound.

— Iréne Moneeo

irene@tasteofsound.se +46 (0) 702 45 46 44


Per Moneeo

Creative Director

Composer, soundartist, and Swedish expert in the field of music and food matching. Writer of the book Krydda med Musik that received the title Best in the World in the category Innovative at the Gourmand Awards in Yantai, China. Per compose music for large scale dinners, are a keynote speaker at conferences and universities about multisensory communication, with a focus on music and taste. With a passion for new technologies, Per creates interactive art-installations with computers, sensors, tracking cameras, projectors and other technologies for stage and event. With a background as a renowned sound engineer and producer, makes him to a perfectionist when it comes to sound, timbre, and the details in music production.

— Per Moneeo

per@tasteofsound.se +46 (0) 70 584 60 62

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