Moneeo on stage Taste of Sound logo LET US MAKE YOUR DINNER EXTRAORDINARY

What we can do for you

We produce extraordinary Dinner Experience’s that make your food and drinks taste better. With sound, music, stage lights, video projections and special effects, we make sure that your Dinner Experience is totally unique.
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Only 24 seats, with 9 servings during 3,5 hour, makes this dinner experience totally unique and exclusive. With sounds ranging from smoothes sounds to exploding thunder, smoke, flashes and special effects, make this a dinner beyond the ordinary.

Large Scale Dinner

Conference and Gala Dinners have an incredible potential when it comes to communicating and reach out with your message for your dinner occasion! With special composed music, scenography, light design, dramatturgy and gastronomy. Taste of Sound – The Dinner Experience. Unforgettable and Unique. From 200-450 seats.

Cocktail’s and Dessert’s

Begin the dinner experience with a unique touch! A welcoming cocktail drink with just the right tune of soundscape that enhances the flavours, or maybe a Champagne fanfare that turns the venue into rays of light!
– And what would the dessert taste like with that extra special sound design?

Keynote Talks / Workshops

We do keynote talks regulary, and among places we do talks, is for the students every year at Grythyttan. Food, drink  and music pairing. For your event or restaurant, and communicating with a dinner experience.
– We love to visit you and tell more about it!