– Extraordinary Dinners Events for extraordinary people –

Immersive Sonic Dinner Experience!

We compose music that enhance the flavor and emotion of food and drinks, into multi-sensory and extraordinary dinner experience’s that will thrill your senses. Creative light design, and video projections lets you enter a imaginary dreamscape world of Gastronomy.

Your senses in perfect SYNC
When we match the flavor of the food and drinks, with the right music, soundscape, video projections and lightning it all comes down to one strong emotion. – Did you hear a sound, or was it a flavor, smell or a color?
(or maybe a dinosaur)
Arty Experience

Our Dinner Experience is like visiting a Concert, Art performance or an Experimental Theatre –  for all your senses. Soundscapes and syncronized music fill the atmospehere together with lights and motion graphics. The dramaturgy builds up during each dish, and you will go through multiple scenes and dreamworlds.


We colloborate with the best chefs and kitchens, to make make sure you get the best gastronomic experience. Each event will tell a different story, each meny has its own dramaturgy, each ingridient are handpicked for a reason.

Parametric Matching
To compose music that match and enhance the flavor’s we use our method “Parametric matching. Each flavor, ingrident and ideology are connected with its own musical parameter. Each matching are based on the result of scientific results from the crossmodal field of neuroscience.
Everything performed LIVE
Music, soundscapes, light and video projections – everything is performed live to make the experience synchronized with the serving and tasting of food and drinks.

Best in the World

We received the title “Best in the World” by Gourmand Awards in Yantai, China 2017, in the category Innovative for our book “Krydda med Musik” that describes the methods we are using in our Dinner Experience.