Elements of Nature

Elements of Nature

NEW multisensory Dinner Experience!

Premiär 27 Sept 2019

Elements of Nature
Elements of Nature

The 9-course Immersive Sonic Dinner Experience, is our celebration to the four elements of nature, air, water, fire and earth. During the 4 hour dinner, you will experience the power of raw nature ranging from a foggy beautiful early morning to a full blown storm during the four seasons.

What to expect?
Moneeo transform the dining room at Nya Herrgården in Högbo with scenography and stage technology, and welcomes you to enter in to their imaginery dreamlike world. You will be embraced by a creative light-design, video projections, special effects, together with soundscape and music composed to match and enhance the tastes of the dishes. A truly Immersive Experience. You can expect a totally unique 9-course meny created exclusively for the concept, where some of the dishes have been developed for the concept during workshops curated by Moneeo. Högbo is one of the best restaurant in the region of Gävleborg. This is not a dinner for everyone. Notice that there will be parts of the dinner with loud music and soundscpaes. At some times there will be smoke, strong light’s and flashes.

Immersive Sonic Dinner Experience

Immersive = You will be in the centre of a colorful space with light-design, video projections, special effects, music and soundscapes. Everything is composed, matched and in sync with the flavors.

Sonic = Music and soundscpaes that are composed and desigend to enhance the flavors of the dishes. We use our method of Parametric matching, that are based on the most recent results from academic research in the field of neuro science.

Dinner Experience = A multisensory dinner experience that will thrill all of your senses.