What does your brand sounds like!

Just think about it!

– Instantly when you hear the very first chord of your favorite song – it grabs your attention, right away!

It takes just a second, to move peoples awareness. Sound and music move people emotionally in a way that no other medium are able to.

We can help you to create a strategy and content that will make your brand stand out, that evoke’s real feelings and emotions!

Sound Logo

Your 1-3 second sonic representation of your visual logo, used in commercials, ringtones, doorbells, social media etc

Sonic ID

Your complete strategy and set of music and sounds, that enhance your companies brand and core value.

Commercial Filmscore

Music composed to enhance all of your brands value, to be used in commercial movies and social med clips.

Sonic Interior

Most companis carfefully choose interior and furniture to make an impression.

With Sonic Designed Interior you make an impression the same second your customer enter the room.